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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Trainz Driver v1.0 Apk+Data Direct400MB

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Trainz Driver

Trainz Driver - Feel the Power in your Pocket!
The #1 Ranked "Trainz Simulator" app has now been customized for Phones. Trainz Driver really delivers the goods!
It's time to pack more horsepower in your pocket and take Trainz Driver with you everywhere you go. With a new user interface, controls, and a mix of realistic routes and arcade style sessions, there is something for everyone with Trainz Driver.
Trainz Driver puts you in the cab of a variety of locomotives from around the world. Choose from the "Easy Mode" speed controls, or the more advanced "Realistic Mode" control system. With multiple camera modes you can fly alongside your favourite train, admire the view from the cab, or watch from trackside all while you interact with industries and passenger stations, picking up and dropping off freight wagons, people, and more!
Expand your experience: You can also create your own Routes and Sessions in Trainz Simulator for Tablet devices (available for separate purchase on Google Play) and then share them with Trainz Driver users through the Download Station. Hundreds of user-created routes are already available, free to download.
Trainz Driver v1.0 Data(Android\data:)

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Can someone post install instructions? I´ve downloaded files, installed apk and created data and obb folders on my Samsung Galaxy SII, extracted the to these folders. But when I start the app it tries download contents and the download stays on 0% for a few minutes then after the app crashes.

Also, I would like to get my high/low lights touched up.. Any available date/time???

samsung galaxy mini how to instaled please

samsung galaxy mini how to instaled please

not work link

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