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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Request Here

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Now you can request any android game that you want here.
There is some rules for the request .
1 You have to like us on facebook firstly.This is as important as water for fish.
so i hope you donot have any difficulty in this like

2.You can request your game only one time please and game will be uploaded 
as soon as possible .May be it takes time but donot be embarressed.
I will do my best but you know uploading is very slow prossess so keep
3.We love your response and feedback.If you need any help then please click on
contact us .Donot reply here for help.It is only for request.So i hope you dont mind.

Enjoy your request

Stay cool!  Stay android! 

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can plese upload the gameloft games for sony ericsson neo v i already tried some games like asphalt 6 and GTA like this but it will not work on ICS neo v so please upload HD games that supported to my SONY NEO V

::::::: thanks ::::::::

You have to download hd games apk and aderno sd data .I think you got your game and if you need any help reply me.AND PLEASE REQUEST YOUR GAME WITH FULL DETAIL SO THAT I FOUND YOUR GAME EASILY.

can u upload modern combat 3 v1.1.1 apk data ,,plz soon

vardhan ics not support many game ,,if u want to play game u should downgrade to GB :),,i just downgrade

do u have the king of fighter v12.04.0 ?

go here to download mordern combat

I am looking for Manga Strip Poker... possible or not? Thanks ;)

go here filipe

i mean modern combat 3

Could you please upload NFS Hot Pursuit for sony xperia PRO.Adreno gpu

Go here @Part

Could u please upload Gameloft's Backstab game for Xperia Arc S

i have Uploaded this game go here
thnks for comment

This comment has been removed by the author.

hey anyone have kof new apk and data that work??? please i want to play it so badly thanks in advanced

Need Asphalt 5 for WVGA Device please upload. Thanks a lot sir.

Hey Akshat

go here

Roombreak Escape Now For Galaxy S3.Thanks and keep up the good work.Cheers,mate.

Go here

Rahul maurya,
I tried it before.After installing it,it just prompt me to update and ended up asking me to restart and then it repeats.

Help to fix it thanks.

Ok i am uploading newer version for you may be work.Please follow the full instruction before installing the game
thanks for comment




This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks for the re-uload but i am still confused about the obb folder.I do not have an obb folder inside my android folder.
By the way,i checked that you got apk link for the sdData.

What am i suppose to do?
PS.I just changed from iPhone 3GS to Galaxy S3.Sorry for the noob question.

can you please upload this? - "MOE CURE NET(EN)"

thanks :)

You have to make it to play the game.And i cant understand what you want to ask....?i think you are asking me that have you want go for galaxy s3 or not and my answer will be definetly yes because the feature the speed the gaming performance s3 give is sodamn you have to go for s3.thanks for comment @KUROSAWA

Thanks for all your help.
By the way the link for the SdData for v1.0.2 for roombreak is still the link for the apk file.

Sorry for all the troubles.

My fault kurosawa i am really very sorry for that now i have checked the link and corrected the link
sorry for all the inconvinience
thanks for comment@Kurosawa

gun zombie: hell gate for galaxy mini please! not the igun zombie thanks in advance!

I search rainbowsix apk for Samsung galaxy tab 2...
Any one have this apk ?

I mean Samsung galaxy tab 2 7"

Are gameloft games compatible on Micromax funbook P300. I am unable to run Spiderman, Asphalt etc. Please help

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi bro please post a link for nova 2 with sd files hd for my motorola atrix 2. thanx in advance!!!

Hey friend can you please post a link for scareapp pro latest version i.e version 1.14. pleasee!!!


please upload stick cricket pro

please upload modern combat 1, 2, 3, for hvga armv6 devices.

Can we please have a fully unlocked (non completed) version of Wheres My Water? :) ive looked high & low & there all missing something.. Ive even tried installing copies over copies & using TB, Still no joy :(


can you reupload virtua tennis sd data?

Kevin Chavez Street Fighter 4 already uploaded

Go here

Hey Rahul can u pls upload splinter cell conviction v1.0 to v1.02 and modern combat 2:Black Pegasus v1.0 to V1.02 towith sd data files?My phone model is LG optimus L3 E400.Thanks in advance.

fishing king hd pleadse foor xperia..adreno

Hey if you want request to fulfill please dear visitors go here to our new site

for any stuff request

we will try hard to fullfill your demand
your friend


Heroes Rise: The Prodigy :)

Heroes Rise: The Prodigy :)

can you upload this app for me
"swapit ram expander"

please,, upload all of game to SHAREBEAST..
thx.. :)

Hero of sprata armv6 qvga please please please please please please please please

Please do not request here go to our new site for any request.I will not able to handle your request here.Sorry for that.Pls pls go to

Can you please crack the falling fred's latest version it is by dedalord. the version is 1.0.16. Please I beg you.

hey i needwild blood game for my galaxy sl{i9003} pls can u upload

Can you get cod zombies for qvga dosnt matter WaW or black ops.

by the way i need armv6 cod zombies i use galaxy mini with android gingerbread 2.3.6

bRO GO To for more updates.Do not request here.Thanks

Please upload PES 2013 WVGA ...

please upload pizza vs skeletons....

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