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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro v1.5.5 Apk[Cracked] Direct|2MB

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DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro

Use your phone as a webcam or an "IP Cam" on your computer. Hi-Res video +audio.
Use your phone as a webcam on your PC over WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB. You can also use DroidCamX as an "IP/Surveillance Camera" via your Internet browser virtually on all networks.
PC Client (and some setup) REQUIRED. Windows or Linux clients available. Follow in-app messages. You may consider trying the free version first to make sure everything works. (PC client is same for both versions).
Main features:
- Chat using "DroidCam Webcam" on your computer (Skype/Yahoo/MSN/etc.)
- Various video formats and resolutions
- Audio support ("DroidCam Microphone")*
- IP/Surveillance Camera (No computer client required for this. Will work on almost all networks/computers)
- Turn on Camera Flash LED light
- Zoom while streaming
- Front Camera option for Android 2.3 devices


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Plz fix the issue, I installed pc client
then installed this .APK file
after opening (wi-fi is on) it is showing failed to check with market

Neither of the download links have the apk...

You can try GotoCamera compatible wireless IP cameras. All that one needs to do, is set-up an account on GotoCamera and hook up a camera to monitor their home, office or business. For more details on how to set-up an account go to . Once the account is set-up, you can access your cameras (snapshots and videos), view and manage your camera footage stored on the GotoCamera servers, and change your motion detection settings. The only time you would need a computer is during set-up, after which you can monitor your home, office, business or loved ones without the need of a computer and from anywhere in the world. GotoCamera is giving you peace of mind for a song!

The themes here are amazing. I would like to see an easier way to search with more relevant results. i.e. when I search autumn, I really don't want to find Assassins Creed or Warrior girl...just a pretty autumn seasonal theme for my background.

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